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Climbing Tenerife
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Climbing Tenerife


Welcome! to our world of volcanic rock, uncrowded crags and of course 365days of pleasant weather.
While sea level offers soaring sun worshipping temperatures, a gain in altitude and a move inland drops the
temperature giving eternal spring: never too hot, never too cold.


The South of Tenerife is the main climbing area with Granadilla and Arico at its center.
over 17 crags all within a 20 minutes’ drive.






Type of rock


The rock is a red volcanic ignimbrite (basalt), peppered with many pockets and the occasional cracks.  Whilst most of
the climbing in Tenerife is sport climbing there are many lines and sections of crags that are also trad climbing
routes, so do bring your rack to enjoy the full Tenerife rock climbing experience. All routes are well bolted.






Over 2000 routes from 4 to 8C, with a good representation of French 5 to 6C, from single to multi pitches up to
300m.  With the input of Roxtar many of the routes have been rebolted and with new routes going up weekly there’s
always something fresh to climb for those who like to come back to Tenerife.
The guidebook “Escalada Tenerife” gives you 290 routes (4 to 6a) 530 routes (6a+ to 6C+)


We recommend the following areas:


The Classics:
Ortiz (Arico) 4 to 8C and by far thé most popular climbing area of the island. Above the bridge you will find the easier
routes with slabs and small pockets, aretes and the occasional crack. Below the bridge there are the harder routes
with some awesome overhangs.
El Rio holds beautiful and longer routes. An excellent option for cooler days as it has direct sunlight and is wind
protected. Here you will find easy and more complicated routes between 4 and 8.
La Galería is a spectacular area with longer and harder routes. An excellent playground for those who climb 5 to 8C
Guaría is a precious area with great climbs for 6 to 8 grades. A permit is needed to climb here. Here’s the link to
request your permit:


The newest areas:
La Martela (Granadilla) is a smaller quiet area with 4 to 7B climbs, a perfect choice if you want to avoid crowds.
Tamadaya (Arico Viejo) 4 to 6B, perfect zone for relaxed climbing with easy access.
Polegre (Villa de Arico & Arico Nuevo) a tiny area with around 20 easy routes and climbs from 4 to 7A.
Guasiegre a lovely area for 6th grade climbers who love to challenge longer routes of 15 to 45m, with 4 to 7 grades.
Las Barbas de San Pedro (Granadilla) a great climb between the trees, a perfect hot summer day area with 5 to 7 grades and easy trad routes.






Warm, fresh, low or high ball problems are in abundance in Ortiz, Arico Nuevo y El Poris. With crash pads for hire at Tenerife Outdoor it couldn’t get any better.



Kids and climbing


The Barranco of Arico and El Capricho are excellent areas to take your children, you don’t have to walk far and access to rock is easy. Here they can run around free and have the fun they so deserve.
In the red guide “Escalada en Tenerife” (available at Tenerife Outdoor, Arico) you will find the best crags to climb with children.




Trad Climbing


Your boldest dreams become real, adventure climbing is alive and well in Tenerife! From the towers in las Cañadas to classic walls of Taganana, there is more than enough to guarantee your favorite rack gets plenty of placing.
Unfortunately, it is hard to find info online on trad climbing, nor is there a guidebook but again at Tenerife Outdoor we like to help and inform you.




Deep Water Solo


Tenerife has several areas to climb Deep Water Solo, we recommend the following two areas.



Montaña Amarilla (Las Galletas)


A great platform to practise the sport without getting frustrated about too many falls. It’s also quite easy to find, which is always a help…



Punto de Teno


A beautiful cave with some considerate height! A few areas with battles for the weakest to the strongest climber and loads of intermediate grades.
Unfortunately, it is impossible to find if you’ve never been before; many have tried but unless you don’t know the area very well, it is hopeless, trust us!





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