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More Action in Tenerife - canyoning, walking, kayaking, surfing, MTBing, horse riding, diving, paragling, yoga
Tenerife More Action, Tenerife climbing, Tenerife walking, Tenerife kayaking, Tenerife canyoning, Tenerife surfing, Tenerife MTBing, tenerif ehorse riding, tenerife diving
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Tenerife is a big playground!

Have a look at all your sporty options.










Canyoning allows us to get into inaccessible areas and enjoy natural settings of great beauty. Whether they have water, or they are dry, each one of the canyons will offer something special that will make the experience of descending them unforgettable.


In Tenerife we have a few hidden spots to go canyoning, contact us to team you up with the best local guides who know the best spots.






Tenerife combines a great variety of beach and reef breaks that bear comparatively little dangers. This makes the island one of the top surfing destinations in Europe.


The South of the island offers surf spots for both pros and beginners and you will find surf schools and surf shops at almost every spot.


Or a very different challenge is to ride the biggest artificial wave in the world at Siam Park, worlds number one waterpark


Here are a few surf spots in the South of Tenerife


Las Galletas


This spot never really gets crowded and is suitable for all surfers; beginners and pros. The waves are left- and right-handed.


The bottom is rocks and reef. The low tide during spring and summer is the best time for surfing. According to reports locals can get unfriendly sometimes as not everybody likes to share this incredible spot.


La Fitenia (Playa de las Américas)


Excellent powerful right-handed waves for intermediate surfers. Dont worry, there are also easier, less powerful left-handed waves. A very consistent spot, especially during spring and summer. There is a reef at the bottom, so you can go surfing regardless of the tide condition.


This spot is popular and can get crowded sometimes but its proximity to other similar incredible spots, such as La Izquierda and Billboards make it worth going there anyways.


El Médano


This would be the closest surf hotspot to the climbing areas, there are several surf shops in the village where you can rent your board and the conditions tend to be right for those who are at a beginner or little experience level.


The village is thé best spot for all wind- and kitesurf fanatics, so yes you can, at some days, expect some heavy-duty wind here!


For surf lessons and rental we love the oldest surfshop of El Médano : Picacho Surfshop.


El Confital (next to El Médano)


Fast, hollow challenging left on exposed South coast reef. Any kind of S swell N wind combo will work, providing it doesn’t get too big.


Gets super crowded when the conditions come together, mainly in spring or summer. Some localism – experienced surfers only.


Tenerife lodge - Be active -Surf map Tenerife

Tenerife lodge – Be active – Surf map Tenerife






Tenerife offers unrivalled opportunities to blow out the cobwebs and experience a diversity of nature and terrain exclusive to the Canarian archipelago under blue skies and clean air.


Whatever your level of fitness or commitment there is an abundance of routes suitable, be it easy or strenuous you will always return rewarded.


There are many walking guides available for the island allowing you to follow your own nose. At the Tenerife Outdoor shops youll find gear, info and local guide books. Alternatively, you could join one of the many professional walking guides.


We highly recommend that you bring good specific walking shoes, this will aid your confidence and comfort as the terrain can vary from country lane, grass, to sand and rock-strewn path.




MTB & Road Bikes & E-Bikes


For those who didnt knowTenerife is an absolute paradise for all bike lovers!


There are many options on how and the choice is yours between GPS pre-programmed tours, road maps or organized tours according to your level and with the guarantee to see the most beautiful spots along the way.


Tenerife Bikepoint is where youll find the best bikes and service.




Horse riding


A very different way to explore the island is on horseback!


Mountains, the ocean, the many valleys, caves, vineyards, goat farmsyou get to see it all from the back of a horse with great guides who will put you at ease and will teach you as much as you want to know about the sport.


Rancho Bonanza has an excellent reputation in Tenerife and we highly recommend them. From a curious beginner to an experienced rider, they know which horse is right for you.


The tours range from a one-hour short trip in the surroundings of the ranch to excursions of seven hours near the forest crown, crossing the ravines next Callao and Las Lajas.


You could also see several volcanoes, such as the volcano “Los Riscos , the El Rio Canyon or even “Las Vegas”, where we access the National Park of Las Coloradas.


All of the adventures are completely unique and are tailored to the requirements of you and/or your group.


We have a few lodges very close to the ranch, just let us know if you want to know which ones!






Tenerife offers a great platform to experience the feeling of flying, did you know we are one of the most coveted places in the world to practice this sport? Our peculiar landscape and good weather conditions guarantee a great flight with some fab views from the sky.


Take off from Adeje with sights of Costa Adeje and La Gomera in the horizon.


The flight usually lasts between 15-20 minutes and if the weather conditions allow it, landing can be on the beach.


We always fly with






Explore Tenerife from the ocean, far away from the typical sun, sea, sand mass-tourism that unfortunately this island is best known for.  In Los Gigantes they provide you with two-seater kayaks, great for beginners and very easy to handle. If you are experienced, you can get an individual kayak. A guide will be with you out of safety reasons but mainly to inform you about the incredible landscape and ocean life.


For this fun activity we recommend our friends from






The Canary Islands are a real paradise for diving. This can be seen in the number of schools and dive sites all over the islands. The Canary waters are internationally known for their quality: they are crystal clear down as far as 30 metres and the temperature of the water is always about 20ºC which provides a habitat for all kinds of species.


In Las Galletas and Costa Adeje you will find the majority of the island’s diving activity. Numerous diving clubs offer divers diverse dive spots, such as the Cueva de Palm Mar or Cueva Ali-Baba, Coral Arch, the Condesito wreck or the Chuchos wreck but also the numerous underwater pinnacles. Technical divers will be able to admire blue sharks and hammerhead sharks in Bajada del Realejo.


El Poris and Las Galletas are ecellent places to go diving, with a nice choice of diving centers.




Yoga & Mindfulness


The importance of yoga in modern life is endless. One of the lessons it teaches us is to bring our awareness to the present moment and help us to stay focused and improve our concentration. Yoga plays a vital role when it comes to strengthening our body as a lot of stretching exercises are involved. It is a total body workout with low-impact exercise.


In Tenerife yoga is part of our daily lives as we like to take good care of ourselves so why not try and fit in some yoga, while here. The island and our lodges are covered with loads of inspiring little sunny places where you can soak up some vital energy.







Check out our accommodations close to the climbing areas