What you should know for your visit to Tenerife…     
In Tenerife you will find a wide selection of good and trendy restaurants. In the more ‘touristy’ areas you can eat a variety of different cuisines.
We recommend the following restaurants located within a 20min drive from your Tenerife Lodge.
Casa Tagoro : one of the best restaurants on the island, this 300-year old manor-house with a lovely terrace offers a nice selection of meat, fish, tapas and vegetarian dishes.
Tasca Tierras del Sur: a great restaurant for a nice creative meal end excellent tapas.  Make sure you order a desert; they are home made!
Restaurante Franchy : is a typical Canarian family restaurant with a typical Canarian menu at very reasonable prices.
Los Quemados : fish and meat on the grill served with fries and a salad, great food at an excellent price.
Casa Fito : One of the better restaurants that serves Canarian and Spanish cuisine with a selection of excellent local wines.
Arico Nuevo
Tasquita El Pimentón: A small but cosy restaurant in the historical centre of this little village.
El Médano
A wide choice of lovely restaurants ranging from salad-bars, pizzerias, crêpes, Chinese, Japanese to Spanish cuisine.
Most of the restaurants have a special menu for children and try to accommodate their smallest guests. Children are always welcome, anytime!
The Supermarket
The biggest supermarkets are found in San Isidro

Mercadona (open from 09:15 - 21:15)
Hiper Dino (open from 09:00 - 21:00)

Every small village has several mini-markets, some of which are located in houses. These mini-markets have a limited choice of cheese, meats and sausages, vegetables etc.
The Market

Every Saturday and Sunday morning you can buy vegetables and fruit at the local farmer’s market. They offer a large selection of organic seasonal products, such as papaya, paprika, orange, melon, the Canarian platano (banana) and tomato. You can also buy wine, salsas and herbs.
Ask us where to find these markets when you arrive on the island.

Tenerife is a small paradise for those who love to shop. There’s a large offer of brands in clothes and specialized sportswear (i.e. surfing, biking, walking, etc.). You can also find electronics (i.e. cameras, MP3 players) at very interesting prices.
Tenerife Outdoor (beside the church): They sell almost everything for all outdoor-lovers.

Las Americas:
Shoppingcentre Oasis & Safari Centre.  This is the place to go if you are looking for clothing, footwear or jewellery.
CC Gran Sur.  Small commercial centre with cinema.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife:
Calle Castillo- the largest shopping street of the Santa Cruz (visit our small but colourful capital), centro comercial el Meridiano (a shopping mall) and el Corte Ingles (Spain’s most famous department store)

San Isidro:
This small village is not visited by a lot by tourists.  Its main street has nice shops and prices are ridiculously low.

Tenerife Nightlife     
El Médano has an abundance of bars and restaurants, and the presence of so many surfers gives it a chilled-out, young atmosphere. In July and August, this small village turns into a colourful and summery beach-town with lots of sporting events throughout the day and different shows or events in the evening (i.e. folk, theatre, open air movies, live bands etc.).
But the biggest and best event of the year is New Years’ Eve when El Medano is packed with people from all over the island.  There is a big fireworks display, live bands and of course the 12 grapes!

The real nightlife, in Tenerife, you will find in Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, located along the coast.  These towns are full of discotheques, bars and trendy restaurants.

Parque Eoclica (theme park for green energy) organises a big dance and house party on the island every year.  There are different stages with DJ’s and international bands, circus acts, Go-go dancers and more…which large windmills turning in the background.  It is impressive to see!  You can find more information on this event at the following linkwww.eolica.es

Tenerife Lodge recommends Vai Moana in the harbour of Las Galletas, which is an open-air bar/restaurant mostly known for its percussion-evenings by the full moon, and always great choice for an evening out.

Amusement parks
Aguapark Octopus, Playa de las Americas, Exit 29. 
Description: an attractive water park with dolphins and water slides.
Siam Park, Playa de las Americas, Exit 29. A water park in a Thai-setting. www.siampark.es
Las Aguilas del Teide, Jungle Park, Exit 27. A zoo set in the jungle with spectacular shows featuring predatory birds. Open every day from 10 - 18hrs
Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz. A zoo with big collection of parrots, penguins, and orca whale and dolphin shows www.loroparque.com  Open every day from 8:30 - 18:45hrs
Castillo San Miguel, San Miguel, Exit 24. A Medieval adventure with horses and knights. Open in the evening only.

Camel Park, Exit 27. Features camel rides.

Karting Club Tenerife, Exit 25. 
You can get plenty of info on all the parks at the airport, as well as in the different tourist centres on the island.
Tenerife has plenty of museums, and although they are not big they’re still worth a visit.

Museo de la naturaleza y el hombre. www.museosdetenerife.org (Santa Cruz)
This museum holds an important collection of artefacts, mummies and more from the original habitants of the Canary Islands(Guanches)

Museo municipal de bellas artes (c/ Jose Murphy,12 - Santa Cruz)
An old Franciscan abbey is the setting for this interesting museum with art from Canarian painters and sculptures from the 20th Century. It highlights paintings from Brueghel, Van Look and Jordaens, all of which were lent to the museum by the Prada.

Museo de la historia de Tenerife. www.museosdetenerife.org (La Laguna)
This museum is located in an old renaissance Manor house built in 1593. It’s worth a visit because it highlights the history of the Island’s colonisation, from the conquista to present day.

Museo de la antropologia de Tenerife (c/ El Vino, Valle de Guerra - La Laguna)
La Casa de la Carta is a typical Canarian house from the 16th Century with an amazing patio. The museum has lots of interesting artefacts, but it’s the house itself that leaves a great impression.
When in Tenerife, you should… 

Try a barraquito (small coffee, with milk, condensed milk, liquor, lemon skin and cinnamon)
Take a siesta (most shops are closed between 1:30 and 5 pm)
Try a Dorada or Reina (local beer)
Visit the Parque Nacional del Teide (named Patrimony of Humanity in 2007 because of it’s geological value...a very unique sight, breathtaking)
Try a banana or platano (the Canarian banana is small and delicious and excellent to fry)
Have some goats’ cheese with (or without) a glass of Canarian wine.
Have a papa arrugada and mojo (small jacketed potato, cooked in seasalt and served with mojo, a sauce made from either paprika or avocado)
Visit the villages Masca, Garachico and Taganana.
Relax on the beach of El Medano, the largest natural beach on Tenerife.  Bring your boogie board and a snorkel!
Say “Hola” and “Hasta luego” to say hello and say goodbye.

TenerifeLodge recommends :     
Piramides de Güimar : www.piramidesdeguimar.net
Six pyramids were found in the village of Guimar, similar to the pyramids in Mesopotamia and Peru. Were these really used for worship or are they just part of the landscape? Were the people who built the pyramids in South America originally from Tenerife?  This museum-park sets its visitors to think differently about our past and ends up in interesting discussions!
Los Abrigos, a fishing village, recommended to those who love to eat fish and seafood.

Visit the university town of La Laguna, given the title of Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1999 because of its glorious history and the important role it played in the 15th century when Tenerife became a part of Spain.

Paisaje Lunar is such a unique sight, don’t miss it!

Known as the cultural heart of Tenerife, this unique building, located beside the ocean, hosts different events, performances, exhibitions and more.

The second largest carnival in the world is held in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Visit their website for more information.