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We know this is a broad question, but we think it´s an important one.

It may be you find our site very interesting and attractive but maybe you didn´t find the right lodge or activity or maybe you didn´t find the right information you were looking for.

Please don´t hesitate to contact us, we´d like to help you.

How to book?
Very easy, send us an e-mail (, we will answer and confirm asap.

To guarantee your booking we ask for a 20% deposit of the total amount.  As soon as we have received your deposit we will send you your  voucher for all your bookings.  The rest is paid on arrival. 
If you have booked a lodge or rent-a-car with Tenerifelodge we will ask you for your flightdetails (time of arrival and departure) in order to have everything ready for you. You can pick up your key to your lodge in our office in Granadilla, all lodges are within short distance of our office and we will give you a roadmap of how to get to your lodge.
If you stay at one of our beachhouses then we will meet you at your accommodation.

Mail us on if you would like to book one of our sport activities, we´re happy to give you more details on which days these activities take place (while you are on the island) and prices.
Let us know how many people would like to join and what their level is (novice - done before - experienced - pro)  

TenerifeLodge would like to thank:
All our friends, guides, co-operators and guests for allowing us to use their photos on our site; besides providing an excellent perspective of the island and our services its what makes us a success.

Are you tucked away in one of our Mountain Lodges or do you have a full itinerary of sporting activities; then renting is almost a necessity.
Tenerifelodge can help you; we have all kinds of cars in excellent conditions according to your budget.
You can rent a car for as little as 30€/day - 147€/week - 275€/2weeks
Contact us for more information.